High Thermal Demand

Metcal’s offering of inductive heating technology with fixed and adjustable temperature soldering systems will deliver improved solder joint quality in high thermal conductivity applications.

Heavy Thermal Load Applications



  • Dense boards
  • Heavy ground planes
  • Heat dissipative surfaces
  • Solar panels

FixedTemperature Solutions

  • Metcal’s High Thermal Demand (HTD) hand-piece and tips transform an MX/CV-5200 into a powerhouse for applications with high thermal loads.

Adjustable Temperature Solutions

  • Metcal’s GT120 used in conjunction with the GTC one-piece cartridge solutions offers the highest performance in the market and can handle the most challenging applications.




  • High Thermal Demand hand-piece and cartridges boost performance by more effectively delivering thermal energy to the most demanding loads
  • Handpiece available for CV and MX 5200 series


  • Inductive Heating with 120W power
  • Using GTC-Cartridges allows for a significant increase in performance for any application