CYPRESS, CA ― November 29, 2022 ― METCAL™, a leader in benchtop soldering systems, announces firmware upgrade for their Connection Validation™ (CV) Series soldering systems.

The update further enhances the patented functionality of Connection Validation™ technology that gives real-time feedback on the quality of each solder joint as it is being made.

The latest CV firmware update also brings several new and improved CV features, including cartridge optimization capabilities, enhanced traceability, improved solder joint reliability, and more. This update is the result of years of research and input from process engineers, operators, customers, and industry experts, and promises to be a significant advancement in hand soldering.

“Connection Validation™ technology measures intermetallic compound formation during each solder event. The system alerts the operator at the exact moment a proper joint is created,” explains Hoa Nguyen, CTO of OK International, the parent company of Metcal. “Connection Validation™ remains the only way to truly verify the quality of a solder joint at the benchtop and is far superior to simple visual inspection.”

The updated software introduces CV Production Mode (Pcv), providing much faster feedback on intermetallic compound (IMC) formation, designed for more experienced operators, helping improve production efficiencies.

Additional soldering functionalities include modes for advanced process control, further maximizing the soldering efficiencies and optimized output.

To enhance the accuracy of the CV technology, Metcal has included in this upgrade a new Cartridge Optimization function. The system is now able to measure, store and use information about the exact electrical impedance of each soldering cartridge used, further improving the precision of the validation process.

Other new and improved features and functions include Approved Cartridge Lists, Tip Clean Reminder, Operator Login Functions, and Supervisor Lockout.

Metcal has spent the last several years gathering input from their engineers, customers, and industry experts to determine how to vastly improve Connection Validation. This next generation of CV systems promises to be a significant advancement in hand soldering.

For more information on the Connection Validation™ Series soldering systems firmware upgrade,  read our blog, “The Next Generation of Connection Validation™ (CV) Technology Helps Achieve Perfect Solder Joints for Maximum Process Control.”