Metcal’s UltraFine hand-pieces add specialty tools for soldering and rework of very small components, restricted access, or high-density component packaging on a PCB.

UltraFine Soldering, Tweezers, Cartridges and Tips Applications


  • Working under a microscope
  • Soldering/reworking micro components
  • Soldering/reworking high-density boards

When soldering and reworking high precision applications, you need an ergonomic tool that is easy to control and small enough to give you access to the application, while not interfering with your field of vision.

Metcal’s line of UltraFine soldering, Tweezers, cartridges and tips were designed with these applications in mind.

Compatible with the MX and CV SmartHeat systems, these tools and consumables offer the performance you expect from Metcal while delivering an extremely comfortable and controlled experience.


UltraFine Soldering Hand-Piece
  • For mini and micro components
  • Slim handle
  • Short tip to grip
  • CV & MX versions available

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UltraFine Tweezers Hand-Piece
  • For use under a microscope
  • Ergonomic, lightweight
  • Independent tip alignment for improved precision
  • Compatible with CV Systems

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UltraFine Cartridges
  • Variety of geometries for precision soldering and rework
  • Compatible with UltraFine and UltraFine Tweezer hand-pieces

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