CYPRESS, CA ― Nov. 7, 2022 ― METCAL™, a leader in benchtop soldering systems, announces the release of their new MSA Series smoke absorbers, space-saving compact workbench fans that use activated carbon filters to extract harmful flux fumes and smoke during hand soldering operations.

The Metcal MSA-35L is a versatile dual-position benchtop fan, designed for smaller spaces, which can be used vertically or horizontally for almost twice the airflow efficiency.

The Metcal MSA-25U, a smaller unit than the MSA-35L, features a USB plug compatible with any standard 5-volt USB power supply.

“The dual-position MSA-35L and the USB-powered MSA-25U are designed to keep solder station operators safe by drawing smoke and fumes away from the workstation and filtering out impurities,” explains Seerena Wright, Metcal Product Manager. “The MSAs are the perfect addition to any benchtop, even more so when space is limited for soldering operations.”

Both MSA Series smoke absorbers are very quiet when in use, offer easy filter replacement, and are ESD-compliant.

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