CYPRESS, CA ― September 13, 2023 ― Metcal, a leader in benchtop soldering and fume extraction systems, announces the release of their new BVX-250 Fume Extraction System.   The 2-port portable fume extractor offers HEPA filtration of 99.97% efficiency with a significant performance increase over previous models.  The system also offers new innovations for changing the filters, exhausting the air, and communicating with the operator, improving ease of use and the user experience.

BVX-250 The BVX-250 has a new patented front-facing main filter and simple-to-use pre-filter drawer,  which allow the user to change the filters quickly and easily, without having to remove the top or manipulate the arms of the system. Each filter can now be changed in less than 30 seconds, a major improvement over comparable systems on the market.

The BVX-250 also offers a patented removable 360˚-rotating exhaust diverter which allows users to configure the exhaust direction away from the operator or install the unit directly into ventilation systems.  “Since these systems are positioned in many different locations, allowing the exhaust to be customized offers a much-improved user experience,” said Can La, Product Director of Metcal.

With the release of the BVX-250, Metcal has improved communication between the fume extractor and the operator.  New features, such as a large LED status ring, and the ability to directly connect the fume extractor to Metcal CV and GT soldering systems, allow for easy-to-view filter notifications from either the fume extractor or the soldering system.

Additionally, when connected to a Metcal CV or GT soldering system, the operator can utilize “Smart Fume Extraction” to save energy by having the fume extractor run only when the soldering iron is active.

“With high performance, simple and fast filter changes, innovative exhausting, and advanced communication, all in a very compact system, the BVX-250 will offer manufacturers and operators a much-needed improved user experience with their fume extraction systems.  We are very excited to launch this innovative product,” said Joshua Edberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Metcal.

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