CYPRESS, CA ― October19, 2017 ― Metcal is pleased to introduce its new AC-STC Solder Tip Cleaner. Solder tipsrepresent a significant portion of the cost of ownership for a solder station,and Metcal’s new Solder Tip Cleaner removes oxidation and extends the life ofthe solder tip. By placing the tip into the opening, the AC-STC Solder TipCleaner sense the tip and automatically activates, saving the operator time.


Oxidation on the tipdegrades performance by creating a barrier that decreases the thermal transferof the heat to the solder joint. This barrier slows performance and, if notcorrected, will damage the tip. Proper tip care is essential to maximize thelife of the tip.

The AC-STC Solder TipCleaner features a replaceable brush system that pulls excess solder away fromthe tip into a removable collection tray for disposal while removing oxidationfrom the tip. A splashguard prevents debris from escaping the collection area.Features include:

  • Contactless activation
  • Compact footprint
  • Universal power supply
  • ESD safe

The unit ships with auniversal power adapter that ensures that the unit is ready for use. To learnmore, go to For more informationabout any of Metcal’s electronics assembly bench tool solutions, visit


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