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Solder flux fumes generated during the soldering process can create health hazards in your workplace. Since employee health is a key responsibility of any operation, and in many countries solder fume capture is a legal requirement, many electronics manufacturing facilities are moving to benchtop or under-bench fume extraction systems.

The VFX-1000 is Metcal’s latest offering in the volume fume extraction market. The VFX-1000 can be used with up to 7 arms.

The VFX-1000 Volume Fume Extraction System captures the soldering fumes from the workplace, and uses its multistage filter system to purify the potentially dangerous solder fume particulates and return clean air back into the workplace. By recirculating the air, you save money by not venting your heated or cooled air through the roof to the atmosphere.

Great value – The filters last a long time – 9-12 months so your total cost of ownership is reduced. When you do need a new filter, the unit’s LED panel will alert you when the filter is 75% saturated, so you can order a replacement to ensure your operators’ workspace is free and clear of dangerous fumes.

Ease of use – It’s easy to install and set up, and its included remote control operation means you can put it where you need it and still control it from afar. The built in silencer keeps the noise levels down in your work area.

Flexible – Multiple arms, filters and hoods to meet your application needs.

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