We know what you are asking yourself!!!

Has Metcal introduced an adjustable temperature soldering station? Is Metcal changing their position regarding the importance of SmartHeat™ and fixed temperature for process control in the electronics production line after all these years? Is Metcal losing its mind?

The answer to all these questions is an absolute NO! In fact, it is really quite the opposite. In 1982, Metcal changed benchtop soldering by introducing SmartHeat™, fixed temperature soldering, to production lines in the market. This technology, powered by inductive heating has allowed electronics manufacturing customers (mostly in aerospace, military, and medical devices) to focus on process and quality controls. The SmartHeat™ technology removed the risk of operator error when setting the temperature for soldering while also offering superior performance from the inductive heating tips which improve time to temperature, dwell times, and tip temperature recovery time. Almost 40 years later, customers in these industries still rely on Metcal SmartHeat™ to ensure quality and process control on the manufacturing line while enjoying the performance from these inductive heat systems.

Over time, we have learned, that not all customers have the same needs. Some customers need low-temperature profiles for temperature-sensitive components. Others, such as R&D engineers and highly skilled operators, need to adjust temperature on the fly in order to figure out the right soldering process. Some need to handle multiple applications at different temperatures without having to change the tip each time to keep throughput up, and some just prefer to adjust temperature because it is what they have always been able to do. All that said, one thing does not change from customer to customer and that is the need for performance. Every customer we talk to claims better performance is critical, whether it is to improve throughput, handle applications with heavy thermal loads, or protect the boards and components, the performance of a soldering system.

Here at Metcal, our passion for performance is unparalleled, and today’s adjustable temperature soldering systems just don’t meet our standards, at least not at prices that offer value to the customers we serve.

Until now!

Combining our expertise in inductive heating technology and our engineering team’s passion for performance, Metcal is truly excited to be able to finally meet the needs of customers wanting high-performance adjustable soldering systems for their production lines, R&D labs, classrooms, and garages everywhere. Our new GT90 and GT120 systems are adjustable temperature systems based on inductive heating technology, allowing us to offer the best performance on the market at a great price. Once you demo this system and witness firsthand the innovative design, small footprint, power, and performance it will be difficult to debate there is nothing of this value in the market. We are truly excited to offer a portfolio of high-performance soldering stations for any customer need which includes SmartHeat™ for those in need of absolute process and quality controls, and adjustable Temperature for those that need to change temperature.

For more information on either our new GT systems, or any of our SmartHeat™ systems, please browse our website, or reach out to your local rep or distributor today.